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SA25 Commemorative Coin Collection
Own a piece of South African history

Exquisitely designed and powerfully historic, the SA25 Commemorative Coin Range would certainly make a worthy centrepiece to any numismatist’s existing collection. More than that though, this range – dedicated to the rights and freedoms of a constitutionally democratic South Africa - carries special significance. As a commemoration of one of the most important moments in South Africa’s history, SA25 immortalises the country’s peaceful transition to a constitutional democracy in 1994.


Mark a historic national milestone. Find, collect and keep the SA25 R2 and R5 circulation coins and join the country in commemorating our 25th year as a constitutional democracy. With beautiful designs inspired by Born-free South Africans, the SA25 Range offers a uniting opportunity for all South Africans to reflect, as one, on the challenges and achievements of the past quarter-century. Released in limited circulation, these coins will become much harder to find after 2019. So, keep an eye out for the change in your change, or get to the South African Mint store or one of our roadshows where you will receive a free collector’s folder and be able to exchange your current circulation R2 and R5 coins for their SA25 counterparts.

Don’t be left out, join the nation, and start collecting today!


Catering to both the discerning numismatist and the curious or casual collector, the South African Mint will make available the complete SA25 circulation range, specially boxed and preserved in mint condition, as a part of our limited-edition SA25 sets. Untouched and uncirculated, these pristine coins shine with a brilliance unmatched by circulation pieces and, thanks to their individual packaging, they always will.