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The year 2019 marks a monumental 25 years of constitutional democracy for the nation of South Africa. To reinvigorate national pride, the South African Mint together with the South African Reserve Bank, developed six new commemorative circulation coins. South Africans were consulted on their interpretation of democracy and freedom and shared the symbols that they associated with these values. Taking this into account, a Commemorative Coin Range has been developed, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on our diverse identity as a country.

Children’s Rights - R2
Release date: June 2019

Drawing inspiration from a child’s innocence, fine artist Neo Mahlangu used digital artwork and charcoal to design the Children’s Rights coin. The coin is intended to capture the essence of joy and engender a sense of nostalgia as we strive to give all children in our nation the right to the equal protection of their civil rights and freedom.

Right To Education - R2
Release date: June 2019

Designer Neo Mahlangu believes that education - when used to its fullest potential – can unlock incredible opportunities for students of all ages. From this belief, the Right to Education coin was developed. Featuring the basic building blocks that depict elementary education, an open book for the intermediary learning phase, and a graduation cap for the senior phase, this coin shows that citizens have the right to unbiased access to education.

Environmental Rights - R2
Release date: July 2019

The Environmental Rights coin was designed by Pretoria-born Maaike Bakker who utilised visual elements such as a droplet of water, grass, a fish and more, to highlight the idea of a well-balanced, protected environment. This coin stands for the right that all South Africans have to access unspoiled natural resources that enable our survival, such as access to water, food and air.

Freedom Of Movement And Residence - R2
Release date: July 2019

Given South Africa’s dark history of segregation and restrictions, artist Rasty Knayles felt that the weaver bird holding a key would be the epitome of what the Freedom of Movement and Residence coin now represents. Supported by an image of the well-known minibus taxi and an aeroplane, this coin shows that we have the right to freely choose our place of residence, to travel and expect to be welcomed home.

Freedom Of Religion, belief And Opinion - R2
Release date: August 2019

This coin displays the symbol for religion in sign language, which is an image of a hand raised with an open palm. Artist Peter Mammes’ challenge was to depict people, ethnicity, and religion without referring to a specific religion or belief. The Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion coin stands for the right to choose, change or practise one’s beliefs and opinions.

Let Us Live And Strive For Freedom - R5
Release date: August 2019

One of the youngest artists on this campaign, Lady Skollie’s artwork represents the famous images of the voting and polling stations displayed throughout the media in 1994. The image illustrates a coil of people standing in line to place their votes at the ballot box, hoping for a better tomorrow. This coin delineates the desire the people of the nation have to live and strive for freedom.

The R2 and R5 coins displayed herein are commemorative circulation coins, worth their face value of R2 and R5 respectively.


Available from September 2019


Purchase your complete set of the 6 new commemorative coins and ensure that you do not miss out on commemorating the special occasion of our 25 years of democracy. Preserve your keepsake as a symbol of the great strides made in the pursuit of 25 years of constitutional democracy.


3 Limited-Edition Collectors’ Coins were designed and developed as testament to the quarter-century of constitutional democracy South Africans have enjoyed. Carrying significant metaphorical weight, you can now purchase the valuable limited-edition bronze, silver or gold coins, as tokens of your national pride.

R50 - We The People
Release date: April 2019

R50 Bronze Alloy Collectable Coin

Peter Mammes’ artwork was selected for the R50 bronze alloy collectable coin, to depict the ethnicity, diversity and ethos of equality of South Africa. Engendering a sense of ‘ubuntu’ and celebrating our togetherness as a people, this coin depicts ‘unity’ through the image of the two hands intertwined.

R50 - 25 Years Of Constitutional Democracy
Release date: April 2019

R50 Sterling-Silver Collectable Coin

Characterised by a long winding, snake-like queue of people, the silver coin portrays the famous images of long queues of people waiting their turn at voting stations during South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. Lady Skollie’s art was inspired by Khoisan rock paintings and the concept of South Africans waiting for a better tomorrow.

R500 24CT Gold - The Constitutional Court Of South Africa
Release date: May 2019

R500 Gold Collectable Coin

Artist Shaun Gaylard surveyed the constitutional court from numerous positions, acquiring an understanding of the interaction between the building, the inhabitants and the visitors, to garner inspiration for his artwork. Subsequently, the design of this Constitutional Court of South Africa coin reflects this profound beacon of our democracy, a powerful symbol of justice, perched high on a hill presiding over Johannesburg and the nation. Johannesburg